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Episode: 9 Tribute to Mentors

Most of us have someone that sparked and fueled the fire that became a love of the outdoors. A Father, an Uncle, an Aunt or they may have not even been related by blood, simply a role model. Mentors come in many forms and affect us in many ways. This week on Episode: 9, “Tribute to Mentors”, the Nada Grande Boys are going to honor those who have given us the skills and lessons needed to begin us on a path to being an outdoorsman. We touch on hunting with families, hunting buddies and the importance of each. We included a few good memories and stories that just had to be shared. To Onnie Huffmon and Joe Jackson, the mentors that set the Nada Grande Boys on the path we have travelled, we love you, miss you, and thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Come listen in and hopefully it will inspire you to pass on your knowledge to someone who needs a mentor.

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