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S2:E4 On the Trap Line

Ty Jackson setting a foot-hold trap, a humane and legal method of catch for furbearers in NM

The Nada Grande Boys sit down with Ty Jackson to follow up on last season’s trapping podcast. This time we go out into the field to put our lessons to the test and set a few traps for coyotes. Afterwards we sit down to talk about trapping basics as well as the many nuances that make trapping one of the most challenging outdoor activity. This is not the archaic and barbaric practice it is made out to be. Ty sheds some light on this extremely misunderstood conservation tool and his knowledge on the subject is impressive! Come listen in.

Show note links: NM Game and Fish-Furbearer rules, AFWA (Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies) Furbearer best management practices, NMTA (New Mexico Trappers Association)

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