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S2:E6 Bear Necessities!

Bridger coming off the hill

What an amazing story! Bridger Petrini, owner of Tri-State Outfitters, joins the Nada Grande Outdoors Podcast this week and shares with us his story of surviving an up-close and personal encounter with a big red colored bear near his New Mexico home. The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is the largest predator in New Mexico and contrary to it’s common name, comes in many different color-phases including the red one Bridger tangled with. Join us as Bridger describes how his encounter played out and some of the circumstances that led to this unfortunate meeting including becoming too complacent around these powerful predators. This intense and emotional encounter includes hounds and heroes, men and miracles, and is almost unbelievable. We felt privileged to sit and listen to a master story-teller recount his harrowing experience. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

I would also like to publicly thank Bridger for his generosity. He provided Nada Grande Outdoors two doe antelope tags which allowed the inaugural Hunt it Forward participants the most incredible experience of harvesting an animal. If you are looking for a great outfitted hunt in New Mexico, please consider Bridger and Tri-State Outfitters. Find their link below. Additionally, you can find a link to the article his story was featured in about the pistol he used to stop the attack.

Show note links: Tri-State Outfitters, Article about pistol used to stop attackNMDGF living with large predators info

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