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There are five basic stages in a hunter’s progression from when they first begin their hunting journey. Those stages include the shooting stage, limiting out stage, trophy stage, methods stage, and finally sportsman stage. When a hunter reaches the sportsman stage, mentoring new hunters becomes an important part of hunting satisfaction. The Hunt it Forward initiative embodies these ideals and encompasses all that being a sportsman involves. It places more emphasis on a deeper appreciation for the outdoors than just harvesting an animal. It builds new relationships needed to grow the hunting family and passes on knowledge, skills, and traditions to a new generation of hunters.

In December of 2018, the Hunt it Forward initiative started off with great success. Two participants who had never previously hunted were given the opportunity to begin their journey through the hunting stages. Nada Grande Outdoors mentored these two from start to finish through preparation, hunting, harvesting, processing, and consuming their harvested animals. Furthermore, in 2019 the journey will continue as they are guided through learning the current rules and information, strategies for choosing hunts, and the draw application process for hunting big game on public land in New Mexico.

We are excited to continue the Hunt it Forward initiative in the 2019-2020 hunting year and are seeking new applicants. Our initial success has only proven to strengthen our resolve and confirm our belief in the viability and importance of this call to action. We are seeking those with an interest in hunting and learning outdoor skills. You must be at least 21 years of age ranging up to the mid forties. We are looking for those who have never been hunting or have not been hunting in the past ten plus years.  We are not an outfitter, costs associated with purchase of licenses, gear, travel, and lodging will fall on the hunter. What we will provide is opportunity and instruction. For more information and to request a Hunt it Forward application please contact Nada Grande Outdoors. Contact us via email at, send us a message on Facebook, or direct message us on Instagram.

Help us continue the success that we have found! As we have discovered firsthand, there is nothing quite as rewarding as mentoring new hunters and being a part of their outdoor adventure.  More importantly, through this initiative, to date, two new members have joined the hunting family. This is priceless as they have gained new skills that they can build on throughout their life and hopefully someday take their place in stage five as sportsmen/women passing these values on to others.

Post Script: Thank you Emily and Adrienne for being the first members of our Hunt it Forward family. We cannot wait to see the experiences and successes that are in your future!

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