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S2:E7 Extra! Extra! New Mexico Legislature

Special release on the Nada Grande Outdoors Podcast about the current legislative session. We talk about the legislation that has been introduced so far in 2019 that could have a big impact on hunting, trapping, and the direction of wildlife management in the State of New Mexico. Additionally we talk about some of the hundreds of bills that could have an immediate impact on your day-to-day lives. Some of the topics include raising the minimum wage and private gun sales. All of these bills are available for viewing by the general public. Get involved! Stay vigilant! Listen here.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few.”       -Wendell Phillips

Show note links:

Hunting/Wildlife related bills: HB 263 – Game Commission Reform, HB 366 – “Wildlife Protection & Public Safety Act” (Bans trapping on public lands), SB 76 – Bans coyote “killing” contests statewide, SB 203 – Changes name of Game and Fish Dept. to Wildlife Dept., SB 228 – Wildlife Corridors Act, SB 383 – Game Commission to enact “fair chase” rulemaking, SB 390 – Trapping regulation changes to give due regard for public safety. 

Other bills of interest: HB 8/SB 8/SB 201 – requires background checks for gun sales between private parties, HB 31/SB437 – increases minimum wage, HB 35 – requires FFL dealers to run all purchased firearms through NMDPS, HB 40 – requires an FFL dealer at all gun shows, HB 83/SB 328 – “Red Flag” law that allows confiscation of guns without due process,

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