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S2:E8 May the odds be ever in your favor….

Here we go again. On this episode of the Nada Grande Outdoors Podcast, Kyle and I take you through the drawing odds report and harvest report data in an effort to help you increase your odds of success in this year’s big game draw. We explain how these tools can help you put together a strategy to determine the hunts you want to put in for. Of course all of this depends on your personal preference! If you have your own time-tested strategy and wouldn’t mind sharing….let us know! No matter which way you slice it, entering a draw application for big game hunting can be a daunting task and occasionally a bit confusing! Let us take a little bit of the burden off your back and don’t forget to listen to the whole podcast for a couple of hidden gems if you are just looking for an opportunity to hunt somewhere in New Mexico! Happy listening! If you like what you hear, don’t forget to drop us a comment, rate us in your favorite listening app and share us with your friends!

Show note links: 2018-19 Draw odds report, 2017-18 Harvest report, 2019-20 Big game rules and info booklet, New Mexico draw licenses and fees

As a side note, Conservation Officers for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish are holding numerous events throughout the state prior to the draw to assist the public with navigating the Big Game draw process. Check out the Game and Fish website or Facebook page, or call one of the area offices for more information and to find out where these events will be held.

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