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S2:E16 Draw results and a long awaited trip

The New Mexico public draw hunt results are out! There has been plenty of chatter on social media about “back doors” and secret ways to find out if you drew early. While none of them turned out to be reliable, NM Game and Fish did released the news a week earlier than expected! What did you get? Red or Green?! Depending on your individual results, you may have been excited or disappointed, but one thing is for sure we all look forward to this time of year! We here at NGO have more reason than most to be excited this time of year. To begin with we have been planning a fishing trip to Idaho and the time to go has finally arrived! Time to see some new country and try new fishing holes! Secondly we were quite blessed with the results of this year’s draw and look forward hunting Elk, Deer, and Pronghorn in the fall! Thirdly, and probably most importantly, we found out that our ‘Hunt it Forward’ participants from last year drew a cow elk tag this year! We couldn’t be more excited to see them step out on their first public draw hunt! Congratulations Emily and Adrienne! Join us as we discuss it all!

Show notes: Look up NM draw results

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