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S2:E18 First Lite

The first stop Nada Grande Outdoors made on the much anticipated Idaho fishing trip was in Ketchum, ID at the First Lite headquarters. We were greeted enthusiastically by Tag Spenst , First Lite’s Digital Marketing Manager, who gave us a tour of the place and introduced us to some of the rest of the Staff. It was a very welcoming and laid back atmosphere and we had the pleasure to sit down and share a drink with Tag and Paul Peterson, a customer service rep. We discussed Tag’s recent transition into the hunting community and the challenges he faced. He talks about those along the way that embodied the ‘Hunt it Forward’ attitude that we feel is so important to the future of hunting. Tag and Paul share the road they travelled that led them to Ketchum, ID and First Lite. Come listen in as we talk about First Lite, first time hunters and some good hunting stories.

Show Notes: First Lite Gear, Hunt it Forward

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