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S2:E19 Kifaru International

On the last leg of our trip to Idaho, the Nada Grande boys found our way across Wyoming, into Colorado and somehow managed to survive the Denver traffic. While we were there, we figured we should stop by Kifaru International since their backpacks are on Rodney’s short list of packs he wants to buy. We met up with Dayna Monroe who was kind enough to take us through the design process and technical details that go into Kifaru packs. She walked us through the various options and accessories available through Kifaru International. Much to Rodney’s pleasure we even got to try on some packs and do some weight tests with their pack frames.

Rodney and Dayna talking shop

Needless to say we were impressed! We were privileged to take over the Kifarucast sound booth to cuss and discuss how to properly wear a pack, Dayna’s  Hawaiian hunting trip and how to self start in the hunting world. Once again ‘Hunt it Foward’ was common ground when we learned that Dayna too, is a recent convert to the hunting community. I can tell you we are glad to have her and enjoyed this podcast with her! Listen in for a great episode of the Nada Grande Outdoors Podcast.

Show Notes: Kifaru International, Hunt it Forward

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