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S2:E27 Average Joe

One cool thing about hunting, is anyone can do it. Sure, top of the line gear looks good, can keep you warmer and working out everyday will help you go farther and faster. But guess what, it’s not a must. Time and money are not in abundance with everyone. do what you can when you can. Buy the gear you need first and then the gear you want. Most importantly remember this. It is time in the outdoors that will fill your trophy case, and the only trophy cases that carry any weight here at Nada Grande Outdoors, are the freezer and the memory bank. The third wheel of Nada Grande Outdoors, Deedon Bates, joins us for a podcast great discussion on what it means to be an “average joe” hunter. Come check it out!

PS. don’t mind the Pac-Man machine in the background….normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill, average joe house decor.

Show notes: Legend of a Whitetail Deer Hunter,

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