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S3:E10 Speed Goat Tacos!!!

One of our favorite things to do at Nada Grande Outdoors is to help our #huntitforward participants keep their hunting experience moving forward. So for this week’s podcast We sat down with Shay and Ryan to help them learn a little about the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Big Game rules and regulations book. If you have ever been to a different state to hunt or fish, you might know what we are talking about. It can be very intimidating! That is why we feel it is imperative, when you are mentoring a new hunter, that you go farther than just taking them hunting and leaving them to their own devices. The entire public draw system can be quite confusing, so we also walked them through the process to complete their very first draw hunt applications. It didn’t hurt that we did this over a hot plate of speed goat tacos, cooked from Ryan’s pronghorn he shot last year. Delicious!  Listen in as we get their thoughts on the whole process!

Show notes: NMDGF Website, NM big game rules booklet, NMDGF draw odds report, NMDGF Harvest report.

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