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Hits and Misses: Weekly Vlog

Tag: Conservation

S2:E33 A Difference of Opinio…..Fact

On this week’s episode of the Nada Grande Outdoors Podcast, we sat down with DeeDon Bates and Ty Jackson, to discuss an article released by the New Mexico Wildlife Federation. I want to make clear that the issue we take with the article is that we believe it was...

From History: Family Ties

One of the reasons I find the collection of New Mexico Wildlife Magazines I have so interesting stems from the fact that I have relations that are featured within it’s pages! I vaguely remember my “uncle” A.J. Garner and his kind and loving wife Agnes from my early childhood....

From History: The Lamentations of a Trapper

As trapping has been in the forefront quite a bit lately what with the anti-trapping bill in the legislature and our recent podcast on the trap line with Ty Jackson, I thought this story fit the bill (pun intended)! Original article written by C. B. Berghofer, Beaver Control Manager....